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Please donate to support the costs associated with producing communications products and supporting legal challenges. We are a group of volunteers with no outside funding from any source.

Our main legal challenge is an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board: Five individuals are appealing the City of Ottawa’s October 2014 planning committee vote to rezone of Chaudière and Albert Islands from parkland to mixed use commercial/residential.

The appellants are: Douglas Cardinal, Larry McDermott, Romola Thumbadoo, Richard Jackman, and Lindsay Lambert. Windmill Development Group (described as consultants to the City of Ottawa) and the City of Ottawa are defending the rezoning plan.

A preliminary meeting between the OMB and all parties was held in early June 2015. It was adjourned to August 17, 2015.

After two days of hearings in August, the OMB adjourned and promised a ruling on whether the case would go to full hearing. That decision was supposed to be issued within 45 days. As of Nov. 3, 2015, the OMB has not told appellants or the public whether the appeals will go to a full hearing before the OMB.

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