History & Possibility

~452 mya (million years ago) — Parallel fault lines form as supercontinent Pangea breaks up


The Ottawa-Bonnechere graben (2 parallel fault lines with a depression between them) was formed. In 1942, the eastern end of this graben was considered to be Chaudiere Falls, however it is now considered to…

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8000 BC — Champlain Sea receded


The Champlain Sea receded and the Chaudiere Falls once again became part of the landscape.

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1613 — Samuel de Champlain sees the falls


Samuel de Champlain first saw the falls and called them Chaudiere. The English called it ‘Big Kettle’.

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1760 – Treaty of Peace and Friendship

Treaty from March 10, 1760 between the British with the La Have Mi’kmaq.  For more info see – http://www.danielnpaul.com/Mi’kmaqBritishTreaties-1760s.html

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1763 — Royal Proclamation

Royal Proclamation of 1763

The Royal Proclamation is a document issued in 1763 in which King George III claimed British territory in North America after the Seven Years War. This document is a first step in recognizing indigenous rights…

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1764 — Treaty at Niagara

During the Treaty at Niagara in 1764, Canada’s four original constitutional documents were exchanged: the 1763 Royal Proclamation, the British and Western Great Lakes Covenant Chain Confederacy Wampum Belt, the Twenty-Four Nations Wampum Belt,…

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1800 — Settling Gatineau

A settlement was started in Gatineau with the arrival of Philemon Wright.

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1829 — Timber slide erected

In 1829, the first timber slide at the Chaudiere was erected by cutting a canal on the Gatineau shore from above the falls to a point on the river below the falls. The canal,…

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1908 — Chaudière Falls is dammed

The Chaudière Falls were dammed in 1908 for lumber and pulp & paper production.

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1998 — Domtar acquired the pulp and paper mills from E.B. Eddy

Domtar acquired the E.B. Eddy mills in Ottawa and Gatineau.

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2005 — Domtar announces closure of the mills

Domtar announces the permanent closure of the Ottawa mills in 2005 and of the Gatineau mill in 2007, due to a declining demand for paper.

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