Care for this water and land. Create an indigenous presence in the capital.

The Vision


Chaudière Falls began as a sacred site and meeting place for as many as 65 First Nations. It was subjected to 200 years of industrial use and abuse that mostly enriched the few. We cannot let for-profit development overpower the land and water again.

It is time for three islands and the dammed water around them to heal. ….

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The Falls


For Anishinaabeg who gather, even today, at this sacred meeting place from points east, west, north and south, the Chaudière waterfall’s whirlpool is the bowl of a great peace pipe, and its mists are smoke rising to the Creator. World-renown Métis-Blackfoot architect, Douglas Cardinal, describes the importance of the Falls in this video. ….

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Three Islands

Here’s what else you need to know about the 3 islands that sit at the base of Chaudière Falls. They were part of Grandfather William Commanda’s vision for a place of healing and gathering for all nations that he called Asinabka. His vision always included Chaudière and Albert Islands. The National Capital Commission (NCC) confined him to Victoria Island, and that needs to change. …..

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