The Vision

We are a group of people, non-Indigenous and Indigenous, who support a green and non-commercial vision for Chaudière waterfall and its three islands.
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The falls

For Anishinaabeg who still gather at this sacred meeting place from points east, west, north and south, the Chaudière waterfall’s whirlpool is the bowl of a great peace pipe, and its mists are smoke rising to the Creator. World-renowned Anishinaabe architect, Douglas Cardinal, describes the importance of the Falls in this video.
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The islands

The National Capital Commission (NCC) has confined Grandfather William Commanda’s vision for Chaudière Falls and its islands to Victoria Island—the most easterly of the three. It continues to insist that Indigenous people will be given a “welcome centre” on Victoria Island as part of its 50-year plan, to be revealed during the 150th anniversary of Canada becoming a nation state.
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