Mar 08 2 pm - 3 pm

Weekly Spirit Calling at Akikodjiwan/Chaudière

Chaudière Island at the Falls

Chaudière Island Viewing platform beside Chaudière Falls. From Ottawa, go along Booth St onto Chaudière Island and turn left before the Chaudière Bridge (light green metal bridge). Go to the end, veering right. From Gatineau, go to Terrasses de la Chaudière and walk/drive across the Chaudière Bridge on Eddy/Booth. Turn right at the first street after the bridge and go to the end veering right.
Spirit Calling
Sunday      2pm -3pm       Chaudiere Island
For over a year Free the Falls has offered this opportunity to gather in ceremony at the sacred site of the pipe, Akikodjiwan, carved by the swirling waters in the rock formations just below the ring dam.
First Nations people have been coming to this place for thousands of years to offer prayers and tobacco to the spirits of this sacred site. Today we offer prayers to heal what has happened to the water and the land here.  We offer prayers to the ancestors to heal what has happened to the people who are the rightful custodians of this territory. We offer tobacco so right relations among all people may be restored and the sacred site be restored to its original beauty and spiritual significance as a place of refuge and worship.
We invite you to join us with your drums, pipes or what ever you wish to bring and offer as a token of reconciliation, restitution and reverence.