Lambert Disputes Right of NCC to Transfer Public Land to Developers

July 4, 2018

Akikodjiwan is a site of global significance. The late elder Grandfather William Commanda from Kitigan Zibi Algonquin Anishinabeg First Nation proposed a comprehensive vision for Chaudière, Albert and Victoria Islands. This vision included the re-naturalization of the islands and restoration of native flora. His legacy vision also proposed a mainly open-space area for all nations and one which would honour its long-standing role as a gathering place for indigenous people.

In spite of this, the NCC is moving forward with the approval of the Zibi project. On December 15th , 2017, Privy Council proceeded to transfer Crown lands to allow the Zibi project to go ahead, with the approval of the Minister of Heritage Canada.

In a letter to the CEO of the National Capital Commission (NCC), Lindsay Lambert points out that in so doing, the “Federal Government is breaking its own laws and violating Public Trust in permitting private development on Chaudière and Albert Islands and that the NCC Is betraying its own mandate in being complicit.”

In 1988, the NCC and Treasury Board designated the Chaudière Islands as: National Interest Land Mass (NILM), however, the NCC says that Chaudière and Albert Islands are mainly under private ownership. Lindsay Lambert, historian and researcher, disputes this and demonstrates through extensive research in the archives that go back as far as an Order-in-Council in 1854 approved by the Province of Canada, that the Chaudière and Albert Islands are reserved for Public Purposes. He demonstrates that some land along the Ottawa River shall be held for works of public interest. No deeds in fee simple for the Domtar lands have ever been produced, which is a pretty fair indication they do not exist. This land is not for the Canadian government or the NCC to sell or give away. It is quite clear NILM lands “have a high symbolic value for Canadians”.

Following are the letters being referred to:

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