Public service union in capital region votes to “actively oppose” Windmill condo project

May 17, 2016

“Where water spills, life begins! The fish, birds, animals and plantations are already aware of their sacred instructions. Only we, the human beings, have lost our way. This is why we must defend Asinabka, our most sacred site.”

These words from Albert Dumont, an Aboriginal Elder linked to the National Capital Region (NCR) branch of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), are guiding a monumental decision by PSAC council’s NCR branch. On May 7, at its annual general meeting, delegates to the council voted overwhelmingly to oppose  Windmill Development Group’s proposal to build 2000 condos on Chaudière and Albert Islands in the Kitchi Sibi (Great River), and on the Gatineau shoreline.

The resolution was brought forward by the union’s Aboriginal Peoples Circle. It commits the NCR branch of PSAC to actively oppose the project.

“It would be a welcome change if the Government of Canada were to recognize the cultural importance of our heritage and history by giving it the space and prominence it deserves,” said Les Maiczan, co-chair of PSAC NCR’s Aboriginal Action Circle. “This is about Canadian history, not only Aboriginal history, and the Falls and Islands should be used to commemorate that relationship, rather than turned over to a corporation for profit.”

Read full text of the announcement online.

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